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Blue Streak provides strategic branding services for your company, as well as to your Key Executives. It is significant in today's age of social media and online communities. Companies that don't perfect their brand messaging and then relay that to key strategic people will not increase their value as rapidly as they would like. BlueStreak services include the authority lab with a trademark symbol, a comprehensive experience led by Guru coach Stacy Engle. This authority lab experience will take you through your origin story. It will take you through the origin story of your company and your executives this allows you to tell a story that resonates and provide you with the story that you need to resonate in your market and raise your company value. Additionally, BlueStreak provides outreach services to VIPs including investors and partners, and other stakeholders that will help you grow your company.

How We Can Help You

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Grow your company's value with stakeholders including investors, customers, shareholders or token holders, advisors, and partners. 

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Create messaging to deliver to your community that inspires long-term trust, is meaningful, and creates action around your mission and vision. 

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Provide timely and scaled outreach to create your community and ecosystem of partners while inspiring trust immediately.

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Increase the number of prospects, investors, or influencers for your company 

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Perfect your storytelling to create urgency


BlueStreak Team

The advisory team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs. Founded and exited software companies, started tokens, and advise the Fortune 500 on best practices to scale their value.

Stacey Engle

Stacey Engle created to share tools and opportunities for individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs to elevate their careers and businesses for greater impact. Specialties are building brand and industry authority for leaders and organizations, pivoting in times of change, and tapping into new levels of leadership and possibility. Growth is achieved through facilitated experiences, consulting, and leadership coaching. She has created a newly incubated flagship experience for business owners and entrepreneurs called Authority Lab™

Prior to her entrepreneurial ventures, for over ten years, Stacey Engle was a key driver and senior leader in double-digit growth with Fierce Conversations, a global training and leadership development company that works with organizations of all shapes and sizes, including Capital One, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and Verizon. Her leadership was instrumental in busting many glass and revenue ceilings in the industry, notably increasing the company’s sales by 30% in 2018. Over the years, she helped land the company on Inc.’s 5000 list and received consecutive Best Places to Work & Design awards. At 33 years old, after building go-to market strategies, she was selected as the company’s President where she led cultural and digital transformation efforts to prepare the company for its next chapter. 

She is a sought-after expert on a myriad of issues that affect the workplace today and her ideas and opinions have been featured in Forbes, Fortune, CNBC & Fast Company, among other outlets. Stacey understands the need to invest in your team and yourself to make a lasting difference. As a leader, she encourages genuine connections and brings a people-first mentality to every interaction.  

Stacey’s passion extends beyond the workplace, serving on community boards and offering pro-bono work with the University of Washington, various arts organizations, and community initiatives. She has been awarded the Outstanding Alumni Mentor Award from the University of Washington with her work in founding a professional development board that connects students with transformational experiences from workshops to global opportunities. She currently serves on the board of Take the Lead, a national nonprofit/social organization, that develops and inspires women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors by 2025.

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Bill Inman

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of entrepreneurial as a startup founder and multiple exits, Bill has grown companies from idea stage to tens of millions in revenue, with one company he co-founded reaching over $3B in revenue within 4 years. He has successfully advised a wide range of verticals including AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, PaaS, SaaS, human capital, IT services, pro sports, fintech and fashion and entertainment. Bill has deep technology experience and is a blockchain patent holder.
Bill is also a frequent keynote speaker and conference host with publication credits and appearances on Amazon Prime, U.S. News & World Report, Fox and NBC. With strong experience in the Future of Work, Gig Economy, AI and Blockchain, he is regularly invited to speak at events such as, SHRM, PIHRA and the Institute of Human Resources and has advised many global organizations on strategy and fund-raising.

Holly Nonorgues

Holly has experience managing communities for thought leaders and technology companies including BNG, Connect Booster and Blue Streak. Her expertise includes working in investor relations, partnerships and business development. Holly is an avid crypto holder and enthusiast and also one of the first VR real estate agents.

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Dan Austin

Dan Austin is a 24-year industry veteran. An executive leader in the
future tech, blockchain, SaaS/BaaS, AI/IOT/ML, digital marketing,
eCommerce, and enterprise platform solutions industries. He has a
proven track record for corporate strategy, business development, sales team leadership, channel sales development, and executive
management. He is known for producing strong revenue stories for
start-ups, mid-stage and fortune 50 companies. Mr. Austin led some of the most innovative AdTech, interactive media, digital marketing, and software development teams of the Internet’s first three decades.


Dan also brings with him a wealth of knowledge in big brand
experience, corporate development, monetization strategies, and
branding. Over his career, Dan and the teams of people that have
worked alongside him have helped to contribute over $2.5 billion in
revenue for companies and clients from the various programs they have helped to deploy for the fortune 100 to early-stage startups.
His entrepreneurial spirit is a main component that propels ventures
beyond incubation to explosive revenue growth and is best known for
driving innovation and quick measurable results for companies and
clients with whom he and his team’s work.


Attended Sonoma State University. While attending that institution, he excelled on the Baseball diamond as the only three-year team captain in the school's history and was named academic All-American.

Dan’s passions are his family, his faith, clean food, fitness, personal
development and teaching. He spends his weekends outdoors with his wife and their six kids.